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SAISONS is an intimate creative studio based in Toronto. Our philosophy is to pave a future brightened by sustainable, ethical minimalism supported by the highest standards of quality. At SAISONS, we create timeless and sophisticated bags, eco-consciously handmade by a family manufacturer in Naples, Italy, designed for your everyday life. SAISONS unifies minimalism, ethics, fashion, and environmental conservation. Parallels of that from start to finish, we remain mindful of our impact on nature by intentionally sourcing materials and collaborating with partners who uphold our ethos and intention to act as a catalyst for a better future.

With your help, we are reviving our forests; each bag purchased plants trees. Our impact on this planet will define the experiences of present and future generations to come. Let’s leave our Earth a better place than we’ve made it.

Join our family as we create an everlasting bag that empowers you to consume less and combat deforestation.

A Luxury You Can Feel Good About.


SAISONS was founded in 2022 in Toronto, Canada, by Aurore SAINTE-LUCE.

Encouraged by a search for connection with her purpose in life by merging her love for all things creativity, design, fashion, and nature. Aurore’s eye for aesthetics was developed and nurtured through the fusion of her professional background in Art and Architecture with her sense of personal style and Caribbean roots. From there, the foundation for the launch of the SAISONS label was set.

SAISONS transcends boundaries by seeking out the essence and meaning of life and then taking steps to improve it. Directed by a principle design, we balance minimalism and elegance, timelessness and chicness, sustainability, and artisanship.

SAISONS was founded to connect everyone with nature and their inherent creativity. We aim to inspire all people to open their hearts and minds and embrace the art of living a slow-paced, minimalist lifestyle with less impact on our Earth. Because when you connect with the creative source, you are connecting with nature. SAISONS is here to be a part of your journey to align yourself to be more and step into your true purpose.

Minimalism Is The Pursuit Of Essence.


Driven To Make An Impact

Help Restore Our Earth's Forests

Our forests are being eradicated by human activities and worsening natural phenomena. Yet, without trees, life ceases. Every handbag purchased, plants trees. Through our partnership with Ecodrive, positive climate action is made more accessible. Together we can reduce our carbon footprint, protect biodiversity, and invest in our future. Create a brighter, greener tomorrow with SAISONS.