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Le Début Collection symbolizes transformation that brings about evolution. Our first collection captures the essence of Winter, illuminating that endings are only new beginnings. Fall in love with our FAN MIDI bag, where functionality meets chic to effortlessly mesh with your wardrobe.

SAISONS, made to accompany you throughout life’s ever-changing seasons.

At SAISONS, we believe in designing handbags that withstand the test of time and leave a minimal impact on our environment. Starting directly with our creative process, we dedicate resources to sourcing materials from partners who uphold our goals for positive social impact.

SAISONS’s Founder, Aurore SAINTE-LUCE, loves the versatility of how the bag adapts itself to her daily style. The FAN MIDI is designed to harmonize with your daily life and embrace all the joys and nuisances of your everyday.

Simplicity Is Chic.

Minimalist and Ethical Luxury

Handmade in Naples, Italy


Brand & Creative Director: Aurore Sainte-Luce
Photographer & Director: David Adelaja
Assistant Photographer & Lighting: G.J Verellen
Camera Operator & Assistant Director: Jamar Redhead
Wardrobe Stylist: Monette Kuittinen-Dhaoui Assistant Stylist: Kelsey Williams
Hair & Make-up: Kestra Illiatovitch-Goldman
Models: Isabella Kuol, Ava Bauco, Angel Constance